Brief History

Baimaas was started in the United Kingdom followed by thriving professionals from diverse backgrounds branching in the USA, Middle East and India.

The primary goal of Baimaas Limited is to invest in qualified startups to accelerate differentiated digitalization, offering a market & smart stacking platform to accelerate time to market, optimise cost by innovative subscription price offerings for leading software products in the market and availabilty of niche cognititive capabilty pool.


To transform start ups through smart venturing, partnership and innovative cost effective product subscription offerings cutting across industry sectors in the way they do their business and be part of the success.


The global pandemic situation has changed the enterprises spending patterns. There is plenty of space and need for innovation, digitalisation of the ecosystem, cost spending on initiatives to save, especially focusing on cognitive capabilities like AI/ML thus reduction in opex.

Support our start ups and clients with the best in class technologies and tools and enhance their business performance.

To establish SMART network of investors to introduce Baimaas vetted market potential start-ups ambition for expansion.


  • Achieve goals together.
  • Integrity is our core.
  • Transparency.
  • Flexibility.
  • Innovation.
  • Be Bold.
  • Aim High.
  • Deliver Commitment.